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06 Dec 2021 12:27:59
Hi Ed,

hope you are all well,

as January transfer window is closing in on us massively, is there any updates on who Newcastle are targeting and the likely hood of a large budget?

or any other information at all?


{Ed002's Note - Mike Ashley left Newcastle in very good shape financially so budget is not an issue. Newcastle have been taking advice over potential targets but January is not a great time to buy and clubs should not be buying for the sake of it. Regardless, they have had a very experienced third party scouting players in Germany including Florian Wirtz but they are far from attractive at this ime. It is a great pity that the club have yet to find a suitable Director of Football. Aside from the numerous players that are being suggested and offered to the club (misfits like Rabiot, Coutinho, Dembele etc.), Newcastle need to make sure they are addressing the on field issues they have and need to look to adding a new first choice goalkeeper, a CB, CM, AM and a S as a minimum before the start of next season. They need to keep away from the older players being offered around like Koulibaly, Ramsey, Hazard and Kroos. They have declared an interest in Odysseas Vlachodimos (G), Duje Caleta-Car (CB) - and Newcastle have approached Marseille about a January transfer, Abdou Diallo (CB) and Ben Mee (CB). Ross Barkey and Lingard have certainly been considered and the club are keen on Gaetan Laborde (S) and Gonzalo Villar (CM).

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05 Nov 2021 23:37:50
Are you able to give transfer targets for newcastle in january, as it seems there are quite a few big names being mentioned like ter stegen and coutinho

{Ed002's Note - I spoke with someone who is advising the board and was told the club are being overrrun by agents and other clubs offering players. The issue is that the club has not built the structure and confirmed a Director of Football and then a manager so they will need to continue to take advice. You are right that ter Stegen (G) has been offered to them. James Tarkowski (CB) and Niklas Sule (CB) have been offered up as possible additions. Marcelo Brozovic has been discussed but is likely heading elsewhere. The likes of Aaron Ramsey (CM), Toni Kroos (CM), Adrian Rabiot (CM), Ross Barkley (AM/CM), Jesse Lingard (AM) and Philippe Coutinho (AM/CM) need to be avoided. Newcastle have a very experienced third party scouting players in Germany for them and have also looked at Florian Wirtz (AM) but he would not be open to a move. A major signing might be someone like Ousmane Dembele (LW/RW/F) or Eden Hazard (LW/RW) but taking advice and looking at perhaps Ismaela Sarr (RW) might be a better solution.}

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09 Nov 2021 00:26:52
Thanks for the reply ed, I think we all saw this coming, Newcastle owned by consortium which includes PIF, every club that is not state owned will throw their average player for sale for the price no other team will pay.

Didn't the same happen when man city got taken over with them buying arsenal players every transfer window, till they could buy better players.

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30 Nov 2021 10:52:45
Newcastle need to think in stages and buy accordingly. So, stage 1 is to avoid relegation this season, stage 2 is to do enough next summer to mean that relegation is not a risk next season and midtable is a possibility, stage 3 (for season 23/24) is challenging strongly for top 6 and so on.

Bearing that in mind, top players are not going to be interested in signing for Newcastle for a few years yet (unless they are on the way down and interested mainly in money), and hunger and desire to improve is going to be a priority.

And, looking at the current squad, they need at least one central defender, one midfielder and one striker - and maybe one full back and another midfielder - this winter.

I quite fancy Nat Phillips at Liverpool as the central defender. He does not have pace and is a 'keep it simple player of the ball', but (a) he is a real defender and (b) I think he'd respond well to being challenged to "improve and keep improving if you wish to be on this journey long-term". Probably wouldn't cost much more than £15m and is gettable now.

{Ed001's Note - he is surprisingly good on the ball Nat, he came on in leaps and bounds last season. I really like him and he is certainly good enough for the Prem.}

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13 Oct 2021 10:15:48
Heya Ed, regards takeovers in general. What do their groups consider before going in to buy a club? Like what was it about Newcastle that the Crown Prince decided this was the club to buy?

{Ed002's Note - It is a consortium that has devcided to buy the club and they would condider growth potential and opportunity and conduct due dilligence.}

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11 Oct 2021 23:06:35
Bruce appears to be heading out the door, Newcastle any closer to finalising a replacement? Who would Newcastle fans like to see appointed?

{Ed002's Note - I understand that they have spoken with Lucien Favre and Frank Lampard and are pondering approaching Leicester over Brendan Rodgers.}

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22 Oct 2021 16:36:45
Do you have any updates on this Ed? Things seem to have gone quiet on bothe Favre and Rodgers.

{Ed002's Note - Fonseca has been in discussions and I am told there are two issues to resolve but everyone is hopeful it can be done. I would rather they would have appointed a Director of Football first. They are taking advice from at least one third party. It needs a top-down approach or a creative approach. I hope it works out, I think the Newcastle fans need a break.}

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22 Oct 2021 23:29:47
I totally agree and was wondering myself which members of the consortium would be selecting the head coach. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - The club are taking advice from at least one third vparty and will have agents knocking on the door to do the same. There will be an interview process involving members of the board but after strarting in the right direction (lookming for a Director of Football or a Sporting Director), they are now heading down the road of manager/coach first - which is wrong.}

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09 Oct 2021 23:07:58
Ed2- hypothetically, could Newcastle spend a billion in New players this Jan and be within FFP?

{Ed002's Note - No. Newcastle can spend their rolling profit plus up to the full FFP losses limit. Anything beyond that needs to be offset against additional income from match day, commersial (e.g. sponsorship) or broadcasting. They can request to be allowed to add to that as new owners - but that seems unlikely.}

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10 Oct 2021 09:24:46
I heard on the bbc that Newcastle have turned a profit of 100million over 3 years coupled with potential “acceptable” losses of 105 million of the same period means they have 205 million which they can spend and not fall foul of FFP, I am led to believe.

{Ed002's Note - Yes that seems broadly correct.}

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10 Oct 2021 10:59:57
thanks ed! another question - what controls / measures are in place to prevent sponsorships where there may be a conflict of interest between the compony providing sponsorship and the owners of the club. For instance, if Crown Prince has a bet mate who own a multi-billion dollar empire decides to sponsor 1 billion dollars for their name on the shirts. What is in place to prevent that? Is this similar to the issue that City came across?

{Ed002's Note - The UEFA Club Financial Control Body are responsible for ensure losses are not reduce by by more than allowed under FFP for club owners or by any "excessive" commercial sponsorship from businesses in anyway related to the owners.}

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13 Oct 2021 10:46:06
thanks for the replies ed.

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07 Oct 2021 21:19:39
Hi Ed002,

With the takeover now having gone through, it seems like it is a case of when, not if, Bruce will leave. Do you know who the managerial targets are for the new leadership?


{Ed002's Note - Amanda Staveley's PCP Capital Group has continued to push ahead with the purchase of Newcastle with the backing of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, the chairman of which is Mohammed bin Salman who is heir apparent to the King of Saudi Arabia. This put the Premier League and the Government in a difficult position regarding the "fit and proper persons" test given that he has been involved with significant civil rights concerns, repression of women's rights, war mongering, diplomatic issues with numerous countries, mass executions and specifically the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Pressure has resulted in the UK Government and Premier League shifting their stance slightly allowing the sale to go ahead based on a rather subtle argument that the consortium and the Saudi state are separate entities.

However, in terms of funding they need to comply with Premier League rules and with FFP, and when the qualify for Europe, UEFA FFP. As such, they can make an initial investment as new owners (there is a process they need to go through including making a request before December 31), but they cannot simply poor money in to transfers.

Previously the consortium had addressed the key issue of brining in a Director of Football as part of the bid process, and they approached a candidate that would have been innovative and I expect successful and he would have defined the working structure of the football side of the club. But he wasn't interested although he advised them that they need to either bring in a DoF and empower them to define a structure and make sure roles and responsibilities are true, rather than simply looking to through a different manager/coach in to the mix. A former Newcastle player was suggested but he was happy to work as an advisor but had no interest in working with the owners. At that point they had spoken with Andre Villas Boas and Rafa Benitez. The key thing for me is the DoF role, building the whole structure (including integrating the academy), filling the roles and planning the way forward over say five years - setting reasonable targets - and sticking to it. I don't know Jason Wilcox, but he is well repected for what he has done at the Manchester City academy but this would be a huge step up and they should bring in someone with experience of building and integrating (in the same way the likes of Brands, Zorc, Wenger, Campos and Begiristain have done).

In recent weeks there have been discussions with ex-Blackburn player Jason Wilcox who has been in charge of the Manchester City academy and I understand they are confident he will join as the Director of Football (Technical or Sporting Director). As for Stev Bruce, I suspect he will not have a long-term future at the club and clearly their is fan pressure as well. I am pretty sure that no decision has been made yet but it is easy enough to come up with options from those available (Conte - I very much doubt he would be interested; Lampard - I think he would be interested if asked; Eddie Howe - lower profile but well liked) and those who are perhaps looking to step up when the opportunity arises like Steven Gerrard. If they want to take a sensible approach, then perhaps they should look to Brendan Rodgers.}

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08 Oct 2021 10:31:31
Thanks for all the information Ed going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

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08 Oct 2021 21:23:01
Thank you for the detailed reply Ed002, have a good weekend.

{Ed002's Note - And you. Thanks.}

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09 Oct 2021 11:35:19
Suddenly the Newcastle pages have become very interesting.

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11 Aug 2021 14:43:04
will there me any more business for the toon ed? or is the willock deal the only one for us?


{Ed002's Note - Nat Phillips (CB) is of interest, as is the less likely Jens Cajuste (DM/CM). A striker could be added.}

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13 Aug 2021 10:49:31
thanks ed.

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06 Jul 2021 00:22:43
If ed 002 about , what is your take on the group headed by Amanda Staveley trying to buy into Newcastle. Is it dead in the water

{Ed002's Note - Amanda Staveley's PCP Capital Group is still trying to push ahead with the purchase of Newcastle with the backing of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, the chairman of which is Mohammed bin Salman who is heir apparent to the King of Saudi Arabia. This has put the Premier League and the Government in a difficult position regarding the "fit and proper persons" test given that he has been involved with significant civil rights concerns, repression of women's rights, war mongering, diplomatic issues with numerous countries, mass executions and specifically the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

However, in terms of funding they need to comply with Premier League rules and with FFP, and when the qualify for Europe, UEFA FFP. As such, they can make an initial investment as new owners, but they cannot simply poor money in to transfers.}

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06 Oct 2021 21:44:29
So much for the human rights concerns by the sounds of things.
It’s looking like the takeover may well go ahead, have you heard anything Ed?

{Ed002's Note - I am told that most of the concerns have been addressed and it should go through soon.}

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21 Aug 2020 10:11:12
True we are in for Batshuyai and Barkley from chelski?

{Ed002's Note - Michy Batshuayi (S) Chelsea had no interest in letting him go in January when clubs were pushing but Chelsea will want a sale this summer. Crystal Palace may offer an option - Marseille would do but they have FFP problems and other issues to deal with first. Fenerbahce and Atalanta will look to a loan to buy or a very cheap buy. Leeds, Aston Villa or Newcastle may provide a solution and all have made general enquiries regarding availability. His agent is working hard to define the options.

Ross Barkley (CM/AM) Chelsea will look to move him on but the enquiry from Newcastle was some months ago - I am not aware of anything recently.}

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21 Aug 2020 13:34:22
Nice one champ.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

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23 Apr 2020 11:13:29
Hi eds,

With the impending takeover almost complete, I was curious to know how this affects Newcastles transfer plans? Who is of interest to the club and who may well leave?

Cheers, and hope you're safe.

{Ed002's Note - If it goes ahead there needs to be a complete review of plans. Right now:
Danny Rose (LWB) Steve Bruce wants to make the loan permanent but much will depend on whether Maouassa can be signed.
Faitout Maouassa (LWB)
Lewis Gibson (CB) A couple of minor injuries, game time has dried up and without some sort of road map for his future, so the player has to consider options away from Everton. This may be a loan or sale which include old club Newcastle, Southampton, Ipswich, Brighton, Rangers and possibly Celtic. Feyenoord, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Hoffenheim and AZ Alkmaar all offer options a little further afield. I think unlikely so scratch him.
Benoit Badiashile (CB) Chelsea are interested in taking Badiashile in the future but also interest from Wolves, Newcastle and Spurs. However, he would never achieve Home Grown status in England, so it makes a move less likely for now and he has signed a new contract. Forget him for a year or two but I am advised he is potentially a huge emerging talent.
Boubakary Soumare (DM/CM) will push in the summer assuming the new regime does not clear the decks completely or look to flip the club.
Franck Kessie (CM) could end up in the other changing room or move to England with interest from Newcastle, Wolves and Arsenal having watched the player. Discussions with Napoli over a part exchange have also taken place.
John McGinn (CM)
Rafa Silva (AM) the club are keen.
Valentino Lazaro (RM/RW/RWB) want to take up the option to buy him but will the new regime
Alexander Sorloth (S) on loan until June 2021 from Crystal Palace and Trabozonspor who have an option to buy the player so any move to Borussia Dortmund as a Haaland replacement is unlikely - Manchester United, Newcastle and Bayern Munich have looked at the player.
Karl Toko Ekambi (S) Newcastle would not commit to a loan with an obligation to buy and lost out, to Lyon who will commit to the obligation to buy him in the summer.}

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23 Apr 2020 13:41:56
Cheers Ed.

And outgoings?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of the plans.}

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15 Apr 2020 11:53:42
Do any of the Eds have any info on the proposed takeover of NUFC?

{Ed002's Note - Amanda Staveley's PCP Group is pushing ahead with the purchase of the club on behalf of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, the chairman of which is Mohammed bin Salman who is heir apparent to the 84 year old King of Saudi Arabia. This could put the authorities (Premier League) in a difficult position regarding the "fit and proper persons" test given that he has been involved with significant civil rights concerns, repression of women's rights, war mongering, diplomatic issues with numerous countries, mass executions and specifically the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.)

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18 May 2020 11:46:18
How on earth can they pass the “fit and proper persons” test.

{Ed002's Note - I completely agree Patrick.}

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20 Aug 2019 08:13:26
Although i'm a big glasgow rangers fan of many years, newcastle utd have always been my favourite english team. I have many good friends i've met by going down to newcastle as regularly as I can. I have also been to a good few nufc games, at the superb st. james' park. The toon are an incredible, very passionate support and the best supporters in england bar none. Very loyal supporters you guys and deserve so much better regarding the owner mike ashley.

I as a going rangers fan, have seen at first hand, that ashley is no good for your football club and ain't interested one little bit. I back you guys all the way, in your fight against him, being the owner of your superb football club. Wish he would do one, sell up to a proper owner that the club and the newcastle utd supporters, most definitely deserve. The potential at your football club, you don't need me to tell you, is enormous, given the right owner!

This football club has the potential to become another man city within several years, under a new owner who will invest and run the club properly. I wish nufc, all the newcastle utd supporters all the very best wishes for the future. A magnificent football club you have, getting ruined by an absolute parasite of a man.
The best of british 'toon army'.

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19 May 2020 11:04:35
Right owner?

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01 Aug 2019 20:35:55
Ed002. You mentioned interest in Amadou on another page. Do you have any idea what stage Newcastle are at with him or any other clubs for that matter?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what you mean by "stage". Newcastle have had an interest in the player for sometime (when RB was in charge) and wanted to take hime on loan in January. Seville don't want a loan, already have a replacement but are asking (€15M) than Liverpool wish to pay.}

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02 Aug 2019 19:30:31
Thanks. Have Newcastle made any approach to the players reps or had any contact with Sevilla regarding a permanent transfer?

{Ed002's Note - I am not ionterested in giving any blow-by-blow updates.}

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10 Jul 2019 10:30:22
Hi All

Any news on any manager for Newcastle as yet?, I from West ham rumours and have been following your progress. or lack of it for a while

I do have a soft spot for Newcastle. every time I go up there I find nothing but loyal friendly fans whose whole round football knowledge is 2nd to none, and feel very welcome,

Im gutted for you all with the hand you been delt with. I don't know how or when but the sooner Ashley goes the better so football can breath again in the city.

Newcastle fan base is absolutely massive, is there no business people up there that can build a consortium, I know £300m is so much money but it has to be an investment in the long run what with TV money and fan base. Even if you had to go mediocre for a few seasons as long as u stay in the Prem it no different than you have now,

I can't believe no one has just came in paid the price to own NUFC, If I had the money it would be a no brainer. but would you want another Cockney in?? :)

Wishing you all the best

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09 Jul 2019 15:58:30
do you have any potential news/gossip on Newcastle's transfer targets ED?
I know its asking a lot, being a Newcastle fan isn't easy haha!
any sort of news is good for us
cheers mate

{Ed002's Note - I have explained what I know.}

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17 Jul 2019 16:28:20
News has appeared that joelinton is on his way to the toon? apparently left out of hoffenheim game today. now bruce has been announced signings will start to come about i'm guessing? or is this just paper talk

cheers ED mate.

{Ed002's Note - The club has been working on Joelinton for a while - Wolves are also keen. It is unrelated to SB.}

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18 Jul 2019 22:16:59
Thanks for the speedy responses Ed 👍🏽
Guessing the take over is off. Same old Ashley.

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