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05 Oct 2015 22:40:46
In January transfer window, players we need IN and OUT

GK. R.Zieler (hannover)
CB. N.lombaerts (zeint)experience + left foot,
F. schar (hoffenheim) youth +left foot,
LB. R.Rodriguez (wolfsburg) fk specialist,
DM. G.xhaka left foot playmaker, RW.N.redmond winger,
AM. F.Anderson (lazio),
CF. Adobe (wolves),
ST. lassogga (hamburg)



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06 Oct 2015 16:10:24
Don't waste your time on thoughts and hopes. It will all depend where we are in league at xmas. At this rate any player of worth won't be coming.

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07 Oct 2015 10:46:03
Laughable Toonjegz Newcastle is slowly dying.
Like JToon who has learned people on here know a lot more than him so he is in a Big Sleep
Newcastle need Ashley gone SMC sacked Charnley sacked and the admin staff moved on
THEN perhaps the players you mention with another 3 added,so Newcastle will have everyone new and be re born

Until then accept this is less than a 2nd club with a lower than lower owner and c. p manager and staff and Don't go to any matches.

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07 Oct 2015 16:58:51
Few people been stating the obvious since pre season and it has all come to a head
Fools leading Fools and Fans who have let these arrogant Fools and odious money grabbing owner get away with murder!

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29 Sep 2015 11:42:19
Carried away again OR not?

good performance against Chelsea and we will see over the next 4 matches just how good.

It seems one good performance and the finger comes off the panic button and then goes back on when we have disaster results against the likes of Watford and Sheff Wed.

SMC plea for 10 games is almost up and probably like Ashley's 5 year plan will be changed to 20 games.

We need wins and we need them now

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29 Sep 2015 13:57:56
Art from now on, if we beat the makems and teams outside the top 4 and bottom six then I may think we have turned a corner. I did say I expected a performance against chelsea and man city. Our players lack a lot of pride and professionalism

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29 Sep 2015 16:52:44
If we won all them games we would be Challenging 4th spot. i'd be happy out the bottom 6 at xmas then hopefully push up the league after transfer window opens

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29 Sep 2015 22:56:02
Hi baldie, I wasn't suggesting we win against all those teams just a few would be progress

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25 Sep 2015 09:41:39
If there is any truth in the David Moyes rumours then Newcastle's future will suddenly look a billion times brighter.
He's an excellent manager despite walking into and being kicked out of the Manchester United mess that was always highly likely to follow Fergies departure.
Moyes proved at Everton he can manage without multi millions to spend while also delivering consistent European football, if you could get him and back him 100% through thick and thin for 2 to 3 years I think the Mouse/Newcastle combination could well be your dream ticket.
Probably the key to getting him might be to resist the temptation to give McLaren loads of stick week in week out and ditch the demonstrations showing your self's to be an attractive proposition aposed to a thankless one that's way to much hassle to even consider for any manager who has serious options else where.

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25 Sep 2015 10:16:26
That's rich from a goner whose supporters annually call for Wengers head despite him delivering CL football every season, having little money to spend until recently whilst playing the best football in the PL and winning the odd trophy. And NUFC fans get called unrealistic!! If we had what you have had since Wenger has been at your club we would all be a very happy bunch at SJP.

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29 Sep 2015 06:51:13
Hi ed, can you send gunner 62 the web address for arsenal rumours. He posts more on her than Vida

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29 Sep 2015 11:37:42
At least Vida seems to know what he is talking about as most of it has actually happened, which is more than can be said for some on here.
You know what I mean Like?

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29 Sep 2015 22:54:23
Gunner 62 Moyes could be a great option for Arsenal after yet another CL failure

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19 Sep 2015 22:24:59
Ed, could you please run a poll for to gauge the feeling among all the nufc supporters regarding if they think our manager steve mcclaren will indeed still be our manager beyond christmas if our results don't improve dramatically and if not who they want to replace him, klopp or michael laudrup would be my choice if they would come!

{Ed033's Note -

Steve McClaren Vote

Next Manager Vote

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20 Sep 2015 10:31:59
I voted yes he'll be here past xmas, not sure how much longer he would last after xmas though.
I also voted for Klopp though I get the feeling that the only discussions we would have with him is the one where his agents says 'we have nothing to discuss' out of courtesy. I'd love to have him at the club though.

Ashley in truth has trusted the club to Charnley and Carr, imo there is a lot of trust placed in Carr and whilst I don't have the time to put together a list of his hits and misses, I feel the magic is certainly waning. Though the McLaren appointment was merely because of his friednship.
I said during the summer that McLaren is the most credible appointment we have made in recent years, I still believe that, we always knew we were short a striker, I hope things start to come good. but with Chelsea and City looming, it's going to get worst before it gets better.
If we lose against Chelsea and City I hope it's not having rolled over, I hope they show some fight going into a period where we really have the chance to pick up many points.

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21 Sep 2015 12:06:25
I'd argue that chelsea and city are probably the best games to have as Collo and sissoko usually turn up against the big teams

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21 Sep 2015 20:41:39
Are there still Dreamselleres in Oz?

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21 Sep 2015 23:40:52
of course, what do you think I do for a living JToon?

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22 Sep 2015 16:12:37
Did not realise that is where JToon ended up Oz the Kangaroo steak country.
Watch Chelsea and Citey and then re write.

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24 Sep 2015 02:47:11
I'll rewrite it now after Sheff Wed. I've been fairly patient but now that's it for me. Ashley needs to appoint a proper CEO or get out of dodge.

Clearly the players are as brainless as Carver. McLaren has a worse record than Carver.

Blind faith is required when the blind are leading the blind. I expect a thumping in the next two games.

Whilst I wasn't optimistic about this season, I was expecting more from the players. They lack basic skills such as heading, passing and set piece delivery. How can a reserve championship team show a higher level of skill and competence in just executing the basics.

I am just stunned that despite 50m spent and a new coaching team, we are actually worse than we were last season against leicester

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17 Sep 2015 23:07:24
I would like to throw this question out there to all nufc supporters,I posted a few days back that I thought patrick vieira should have got the newcastle utd manager's job in front of steve mcclaren whom incidentally I'll back as I do every nufc manager,who do you think should have got the nufc manager's job my fellow geordies?I also say we should be signing players like charlie austin,steven naismith etc instead of this continued signing of french & foreign league players in general,most of these signings are just not working for us!

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18 Sep 2015 10:14:51
With the state of the club at the end of last season, the way the owner runs it and the general way NUF is perceived in the media and more importantly in football then McLaren was about as good as we could have hoped to have got. Why do you think Viera would have been better, just because he was a great player? History is littered with great players who did not make successful managers, sadly my own hero Mr Shearer amongst them.
We should have put or faith in Aarons and spent the Thauvin money on Austin.

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18 Sep 2015 11:03:46
Nothing to do with it Spire
The hopelessness of this club lies firmly at Ashley's door
He has created a laughing stock,his promises are hollow
An interested owner would have appointed
a forward thinking manager not a like for like shower

Even if it is in the top 10 most well supported teams Get used to supporting a 2nd rate club & fans looking for things that are not and never will be there

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18 Sep 2015 11:20:02
You miss the point Art, McLaren is a s good as we could have got under the circumstances.
Would I have preferred Klopp or Acelotti or De Boer, absolutely but the state of the club and its perception in football means they would not touch us and nor would any other manager better than McLaren.

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18 Sep 2015 12:51:33
What planet are you on lads. The only time Newcastle have managed to appoint a top manager was in Dalglish. SBR knocked nufcback to stay at barcelona.

so we've had gullit, roeder, souness, sheare aka dowie, hughton, allardyce and keegan. Now out of all those showers, where was a top or up and coming manager?

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18 Sep 2015 13:46:39
Keegan first time around and SBR only knocked us back to honour a contract which is the nature of the man.

However any argument you put forward for anything will always be dismissed at because of your statement that Dalglish was a top manager! How can you be taken seriously after that?

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19 Sep 2015 10:43:11
spire keegan was unproven, Dalglish had won the title with blackburn so he was sonsidered a top manager at the time - he was rubbish - which proves my point really. SBR is the only top manager we have ever attracted to the club

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19 Sep 2015 11:09:35
Nearly Deseree Newcastle under Ashley do not deserve a top manager and will never have one

Some people have said this is a new era
Well it is not SMC just proves that
Saturdays are not the same anymore today I won't even watch the match

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08 Sep 2015 17:33:08
Mitre and Cisse the new demon strike force or so they say
Not sure anyone quite knows what to do
West Ham game will be interesting

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09 Sep 2015 12:57:12
Very interesting and a result would be a plus

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10 Sep 2015 01:33:28
Our new strike force hockell and hyde!

With no one the hold up the ball I'd be inclined to hit the Hammers with pace on the break. play 4 - 2 - 4 and have wijnaldum, perez, sissoko and thauvin mix it up position wise. the hammers are vulnerable at home whilst our defence seems able to soak up pressure now.

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10 Sep 2015 13:02:23
Seems good to me Deseree give SMC a call he needs help

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16 Sep 2015 17:05:51
Poor strike force
Sooner have perez and arron . Causing havoc with skill and speed. Than slow thinking can't score a goal strikers

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30 Aug 2015 09:13:26
Just a rumour that newcastle will make late bid for berahino once they've offloaded cisse and couple of others bid of £24 million. Just a Rumour!

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30 Aug 2015 10:00:35
Though Berahino is the type of player we need, I feel there's more of a 'good deal' available with Austin. Though there'll be a lot of competition as I fully expect QPR willing to accept around the £12m mark on the final day.

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30 Aug 2015 10:50:46
If it is true someone is panicking and not before time.

This team could be rock bottom by mid October

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30 Aug 2015 12:46:51
If we're going to play that style of play we need pace berahino would fit the bill but I expect us to go for lacazzett from lyon

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30 Aug 2015 12:50:38
He'd be a great addition and should go for it.

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31 Aug 2015 10:57:32
Hernandez should also be an option and available at a reasonable price.

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31 Aug 2015 11:51:32
as long as we aren't rock bottom at christmas

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27 Aug 2015 18:18:56
With deadline day fast approaching, Mourinho could turn his attention to Sissoko after a move for Pogba has been dragging on. Chelsea are selling Jobi to Besiktas and want a powerhouse to provide competition in the squad.
Kemen set for Monaco, not sure how good he is but the fact gouffran started ahead of him CM the other night can't be too good.
So with Sissoko leaving Newcastle could invest that in a good LB, Guerreiro of Loreint for 8.5 Million.
Also with Tiote looking rusty our interest in Nampalys Mendy could be reignited.

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27 Aug 2015 20:13:46
Danno He could do all that BUT Ashley wants the money back on the club for him
Expenditure 50M 34M already in the club and the Pardew money etc and 50m already from TV from the 110M and we mess about when a defender is needed desperately.

Sissoko and Cisse could go 20m back in the club Still time to act but it is running out,perhaps there is a surprise or Ashley just being Ashley MONEY is his only goal

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27 Aug 2015 20:21:07
Ive Had a few beers and feeling optimistic. Sissoko going knowhere. Tioti can go as far as I'm concerned to many fouls and miss passed side passing for my liking. chelsea need a power house to win them the league sissoko not that man.

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27 Aug 2015 21:54:52
agree baldie, sissoko is not the man for chelsea

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28 Aug 2015 12:47:57
Keman under 21 captain and we are selling him MAD men at work

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29 Aug 2015 09:27:01
Abdennour off to Chelsea,disgrace no one can see we NEED a quality defender, we will plod on until January and run for cover and try and sign a defender then,Disgraceful

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30 Aug 2015 07:19:15
Signed for Velencia another one bites the dust

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26 Aug 2015 12:43:00
looks like we might have signed a player in Thauvin lads. I know it was northampton but that was some show he put on.

Great to see we finally have soneone who can get dangerous balls into the box, great set piece delivery and gets into the box. sissoko, wijnaldum. thavin and mitrovic looks a very exciting combination.

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26 Aug 2015 17:00:29
Good player he can do what Obertan can't and he is a footballer and Obertan is not
Next game will show A. McKarens intentions I reckon we should attack Arsenal & play 1 DM Colback
B. Just how much we need another Quality defender and Striker.

Van Dyck & Austin will be sold this week but it seems nit to Newcastle
It's a disgrace that a bit of speculation and money that the Oaf will get back anyway could be the difference between finishing at best mid table or challenging the too 8 teams

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24 Aug 2015 16:54:25
Newcastle have made a £5 million for Benik Afobe from Wolves. Could mean Cisse or maybe Riviere are going to be sold.

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24 Aug 2015 19:49:53
both would do

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24 Aug 2015 21:14:09
A quality defender & striker would be the iceing on the cake

Looks we will run without these 2 and gamble as we have always done & hope we get bye.
It is a disgrace with all the professional peope we now have at the club they will allow this to happen.

Asley rules & the rest nod their heads.

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24 Aug 2015 22:11:34
So near yet so far away which will show over the next 4/5 games.

Window is not shut yet I hear one player possible but not a defender but you never know.

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24 Aug 2015 22:43:24
collo and Taylors performance on sat must have Charnley thinking they can park a new CB.

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27 Aug 2015 09:41:56
Afobe fits right into Fatties blueprint, young, sell on value, at least he won't get Pardewed

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21 Aug 2015 15:40:20
Abdennour Monaco now want 20m

Believable9 Unbelievable0

21 Aug 2015 17:09:13
No idea who he is. But if worth 20 pay 20 simple. We have to buy now because January does not become a sale it becomes an excuse not to invest because prices escalate as teams don't generally want to sell good players mid season unless decent profit to be made hence cabaye

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21 Aug 2015 18:44:36
Your inside sources said a fee was agreed Vida?

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21 Aug 2015 23:26:21
No only that Newcastle are considering breaking the Owen fee
Problem is no one tells no one anything and this board thing has slowed everything down because all decisions come from Ashley
20m is a lot so it may not happen One week to see
All eyes on the defenders tomorrow

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22 Aug 2015 00:48:34
thanks Vida, van dijk a better option?

Agree5 Disagree1

20 Aug 2015 09:02:44
Brighton just signed a young CB from Shrewsbury, perhaps this could be leading to Dunks departure. Obviously just speculation.

Believable2 Unbelievable1

20 Aug 2015 14:44:19
Can anyone tell me if Dunk is actually any good? I'd never heard of him before this window. I would rather we went for Abdenour if we really do have any interest in him, CL level experience etc but with the supposed level of interest from around Europe there's a good chance we won't get him although the same could have been said about Wijnaldum and Mitrovic.

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20 Aug 2015 15:09:54
Well I am from Brighton and have seen them play a few times, he is okay he's still young and can improve but he is already better than some of our CB's. would be a little bit of a risk but think he could adapt well to the top flight.

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19 Aug 2015 15:03:32
AC Milan interested in Sissoko but not wild about our £15 million price tag.

Believable1 Unbelievable1

17 Aug 2015 13:21:54
Reports in France saying that we'll sign Thauvin for £12 million with Cabella going the other way on loan. We'll then move on to trying to sign Abdenour from Monaco for £15 million. Would be great if it happens but not sure it will.

Believable4 Unbelievable3

17 Aug 2015 21:04:47
I'd rater give Aaron's the chance on the left side. If Thauvin signs I think the chance that Aaron's will sign a new contract will be reduces, it's a shame.
With the left-side of our defence also week and Thauvin doesn't seem like the type of player who will track back I really worry. Hope to be proven wrong.

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18 Aug 2015 02:48:24
Thauvin can play on either the left or the right so should he arrive it doesn't necessarily mean he will be playing in Aarons' place.

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18 Aug 2015 08:56:03
Swapping like for like doesn't make sense.look what's happened last 3 seasons with buying french there ok when it's going well but once it gets tougher they hide become lazy.squad should of been built from the back first

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18 Aug 2015 10:14:54
Newcastle have missed the boat on good signings and should employ Southampton and Swansea scouts and negotiators.

2nd rate club run by 2nd rate no hoppers no football acumen people starting with Ashley.

Agree7 Disagree1

18 Aug 2015 13:15:13
Buy Thauvin and sell Aarons is not a shame it would be a disgrace. If it takes very penny we have left to buy a quality CB, quality LB and a quality CDM then that is what should happen. e have enough flair and firepower in the squad but he defence is naff.

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18 Aug 2015 17:40:04
it was summed up rather nicely that 2 players we passed on as free transfers scored against us last week. I thought free transfers would have had the big man drooling.

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18 Aug 2015 17:48:51
Deffo need a defensive midfielder,full back, centre half minimum, throw in another forward and we might have something, along with a couple of young kids.not asking for much like am I?. I think song as DM would be a snip at 5 million. but hey huw. probs sign only 1 more. hope I'm wrong

Agree2 Disagree0

18 Aug 2015 19:57:51
I changed my mind, this guy is a bargain. When Bristol City are paying £9m for a championship striker the world has gone crazy.

Agree0 Disagree0

19 Aug 2015 10:01:31
We are signing Thauvin for the other side to Aarons, Mclaren isn't daft and knows potential when he see's it and he will know if Aarons is on one side and thauvin on the other it will be better service for Mitrovic. A Defender to sign before end of the window will show ambition for me as well.

Agree2 Disagree0

19 Aug 2015 20:39:15
OK deal done. Sissoko plays on the right - there's always a chance he might leave.
Assuming we have money for one more player - which position would you all want filling?

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19 Aug 2015 21:59:15
Still reports of teams being interested in Sissoko so sell him and throw all the money we get for him at the nearest CB

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20 Aug 2015 09:10:35
CB now and its been a good summer I think

Agree1 Disagree0

20 Aug 2015 11:50:41
One on the way I hear

Agree4 Disagree0

16 Aug 2015 13:34:18
Thauvin transfer absolute rubbish he started today for mars v reims if we were about to sign him he would not be risked could do with about 4 or 5 signings after yesterday performance

Believable3 Unbelievable4

18 Aug 2015 08:37:46
Gazbell you really know your stuff mind.

Agree2 Disagree2

18 Aug 2015 22:17:55
Well I think I got this one wrong were supposed to be swapping him for cabella doesn't make sense it's like for like we need new centre back throwing good money at players who ain't up to premier league standards he will be sitting on bench anyway Mclaren likes the players from last campaign

Agree1 Disagree0

19 Aug 2015 09:38:15
i think thauvin can manage one more stepover before giving the ball away. Is he any good at free kicks or corners. if he isn't then Charnley will be losing his job in January.

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